Committed to you

We strive to go beyond traditional business support

We understand the journey of a founder because we've walked that path ourselves. We know the dedication, time, money, mental health and resources it takes to bring a visionary idea/solution to life.

We go above and beyond to ensure sustainable success for all our clients.

What Makes Us Unique

We make sure our goals are aligned with our client's needs until the success of one reinforces or fosters the success of the other.

Dedicated team

Our founders and the entire team are dedicated and go above and beyond in ensuring that we simply help you.

Community driven

Our vibrant ecosystem unites businesses, customers, investors, and experts, fostering collaboration that fuels lasting, transformative impact.

Unwavering support

We will always be available to support and give feedback to all our clients even after your successessful business breakthorugh.

Waking up everyday knowing that one day, what we are building will change lives for the better makes my day 10x more exciting.

Daariq A. Yusuf, Our CEO & Co-founder

Our Story

In 2023, founders Daariq, Tobi, Gisele, and later, Linda, set out to transform impact investing for individuals and SMEs, initially focusing on local businesses. We discovered a common problem: many technical founders lacked essential business management expertise. Leveraging our experience in accelerators and incubators, we shifted our mission.

144 Hub, is a platform that acts as your personal business manager. It guides you with key questions, helping you create a comprehensive business profile to share with investors and partners. Imagine having your MVP, business plan, finances, product strategy, and marketing plan all in one place, constantly updated to reflect your progress.

Welcome to 144 Hub, where your business finds its true direction.

The founders of 144 - Tobi, Gisele, and Daariq

All I want to do is to build an inclusive and accessible platform that opens the door to a wide variety of opportunites for all.

Tobi Ibikunle, Our CTO & Co-founder

Behind The Name

In the 1950s and 60s in East Africa, an Italian professor presented a mathematical problem to a class of students. Among the young minds sat a boy named Ismail Duale. Despite the challenges that he and his community faced, Ismail had an insatiable hunger for knowledge and a razor-sharp mind. He quickly solved the problem with ease, arriving at the answer of 144. And with that, Ismail gained a new nickname from his classmates: 144.

This story speaks to the harsh realities of inequality and the lack of opportunities afforded to minority and emerging markets. Ismail’s natural talent and ability were clear, but the opportunities available to him were limited by a system that favoured the few.

Today, we at 144 are working to balance the scales of opportunity and investment, to create a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Makes me so happy that we have a strong, dedicated and ambitious team that are working behind the scenes to make a lot of dreams a reality.

Gisele Magalhães, Our CFO & Co-founder

Our Executive Team

Comprising of a group of exceptionally talented individuals who are dedicated to achieve success. With their impressive skills and expertise, they bring a fresh and innovative perspective.

Daariq A. Yusuf


Daariq, the visionary, brings a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and business strategist. With a keen focus on business development, strategy, project management, and product innovation, he drives success and growth.

Fun Fact: Daariq has visited almost every country in Africa.

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Daariq A. Yusuf

Gisele Magalhães


Gisele brings 5 + years of startup experience, specializing in team structuring, business model pivoting, and monetizing software. Her financial acumen drives sustainable growth and fosters innovation for long-term success.

Fun Fact: Gisele walks her cat every day with a leash and all.

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Gisèle Magalhães

Tobi Ibikunle


Tobi combines his expertise in software engineering, system architecture, and product management. His versatile skills also encompass AI, driving innovation and excellence in technology development.

Fun Fact: Tobi secured a huge partnership with a tech giant when he had only 200 subscribers on YouTube.

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Tobi Ibikunle

Our Board Of Advisors

A collective powerhouse of wisdom, experience, and visionary insights. Comprising of industry leaders and forward-thinking strategists. Combined, they all bring wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide 144 towards unprecedented success.

Our Culture

Our cultural values are not just words on paper – they are deeply ingrained in our DNA. These values guide our decision-making, shape our interactions, and drive our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. We believe that by staying true to our culture, we create an environment where our team can flourish, our clients can trust us, and our business can thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

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