Building Success

An immersive program to build and elevate your dream

Fully designed to propel businesses with unique opportunities towards sustainable success, guided by a carefully curated one-year journey.

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Why Studio?

We go beyond traditional business support; we prioritize the well-being of our entrepreneurs. We recognize the challenges founders face, and we are committed to helping you harness your work-life balance and emotional resilience as strengths on your entrepreneurial journey. It is not just about business growth; it's about creating a community of empowered and successful creative entrepreneurs.

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Elevating founders

Recognizing the individuality of each founder, thereby empowering founders to grow both professionally and personally, fostering effective leadership and sustainable work-life balance.

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Building resilience

Equipping you with the ability to navigate challenges proactively by creating adaptive strategies, giving you and your team access to a mentorship network creating a supportive environment.

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Creating success

Through strategic growth planning, access to resources, and potential investment opportunities, we guide your business toward sustainable growth ensuring you thrive in your journey.

How It Works

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If you're interested in joining 144 Studio, you begin by submitting your application. This is the initial step where you provide essential details about your business, team, goals, mission and vision.


Review & Shortlisted

Applications get evaluated based on specific criteria aligned with our different criterias. The most promising businesses that demonstrate strong potential, innovation, and alignment with the values of 144 Studio get shortlisted and reached out to.

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Pitching Day

Shortlisted founders are invited to a pitch day. This opportunity allows you to delve deeper into your business model, growth strategies, and the potential social impact of your business.


Team Meet up

Following the pitch day, selected founders are invited to meet with the 144 Studio team. We undergo a comprehensive team check, where discussions focus on team dynamics, commitment, and the potential for collaborative success.

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Final evaluation & Announcement

The final selection is made considering both the viability of your business model and the capabilities and dedication of the founding team. Successfully selected businesses are officially announced as part of the 144 Studio cohort, marking the beginning of your journey within the program.

Let's Build Together A Future Of Success

We have 25 spaces available for this unique experience. Providing a series of workshops, activities, and tailored support aimed to elevate founders to the next level. Starting from April 2024 through April 2025.

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Our Criterias

We extend a warm welcome to individuals from diverse communities, embracing marginalized founders, including those with disabilities, the LGBTQIA+ community, and ethnic minorities. Our commitment is to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

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Unique opportunity

You offer unconventional solutions, disruptive technologies, or innovative approaches to address pressing challenges.

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UK Registeration

You are either already registered in the UK or plan to register in the UK during the program.

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Strong Market Fit

Demonstrating a strong alignment between your products or services and the needs of your target market.

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Strong Team

Capable and dedicated team is crucial for success. We look for startups with skilled and motivated individuals who can drive the business forward effectively.

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Impact focused

We prioritize startups that have a clear commitment to making a positive impact on society, the environment, or their community, aligning with our values.

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Growth focused

You should have a growth-oriented mindset, with a vision for scaling your business and achieving significant success in your industry.

We Use A Hybrid Model

The program adopts a hybrid approach, where most of the workshops and meetings will be over video calls. However, we do have a few mandatory and optional in-person gatherings.

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